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Welcome to GlobalFund Limited

We operate globally and invests locally around the world. With
local presence in each continent, we have the scope of a global investor but bring a local investment perspective to each region. Our local experts and their deep knowledge of the markets in which they work enable GlobalFund Limited to approach investing from a local perspective.

Who Are We

GlobalFund Limited is a strategic player in the infrastructure market, and sovereign based investing. We partner with sovereign, sub-sovereign and local governments, private developers, and like-minded corporations to help design infrastructure developments and capital programs.

Our Mission

We raise finance for our clients from our own extensive global network of internationally accredited finance sources including hedge funds, institutional investors, investment banks, investor clubs, money market funds, mutual funds and venture capital firms.

What We Do

Some of our popular Investments


Real Estate Development Investment


Commercial Real Estate Investment


Construction Investment


Construction Financing

Why Choose Us?

Our client list cut across government ministries, departments and agencies, Private and Public Owned Companies, Firms and Individuals. Location has never been a barrier with our network of experts scattered in each continent to provide assistance and reach where necessary. It is always a worthy experience to have us do business with you.

Your next construction project with our real estate development investment, financing through us is not only the best option, but it’s a smart choice.

GlobalFund Limited is ready, willing and capable to arrange financing for our movies. Our financial partners have great experience in these types of transactions and an understanding of the requirements in preparing for large bridge funds of this nature.

Our company requires the following documents for the process of Due Diligence and to present your full package to our financial partner:

  • Executive Summary & Screenplay/Script
  • Name of Director, Producer and Cast List
  • Film Financial Projections & Market Research

We believe in building a relationship with each person or company getting into a new world and for this reason we always welcome to finding new honest partners for a long time. So, we hereby declare that we are ready to cooperate in the field of trade of crude oil and petroleum products with titleholder, oil companies and energy ministries.

Monetization of financial instruments is complex and requires a great deal of experience and skill. In general, between state regulatory processes, compliance with stringent conditions: IMF, Central banks, Money Laundering, Compliance, Basel 3 requirements and more.

GlobalFund Limited, can provide trade finance consultancy to importers, exporters and trading companies around the world who are looking to expand their business by leveraging their existing cash flow to its maximum.

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