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If you are looking for sources of financing for your projects, we would like to hear from you. We look forward to establishing a long term business relationship with your company and you.

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Your next construction project with our real estate development investment, financing through us is not only the best option, but it’s a smart choice.

With many different types of real estate development investments to consider, finding the necessary funding for your project is easier than ever before.

We have signed a cooperation agreement with several financial services companies. Regarding those signed contracts, any company in the field of Real Estate Development and Construction which require investors or financiers to finance their projects with the best rates, it is an honor for us to start cooperation with them.

Some of the most popular investment:

o Real Estate Development Investment
o Commercial Real Estate Investment
o Construction Investment
o Construction Financing

Here is the initial list of documents required to review your project and determine what type of investment product is best:

1. Summary description of the project
2. Site (Building) plans / Drawings / Floor Plans including size, number of rooms.
3. Estimated budget cost (Hard / Soft) for the project, and cost incurred till date.
4. Cash flow / Construction Schedule / Dates and amount of advances required / Estimated completion date.
5. Copy of property Tax Bill / MPAC Assessment / Insurance / Existing Mortgage Statement
6. Building permit / Construction Contract.
7. Certificate of Location for each property / Survey for the Property
8. Copy of MLS Listing and an agreement of purchase and sale for the Purchase of Property
9. Appraisal of the Property (if available)
10. Marketing plans / Brochures / Listing agreements / Projected sales prices with comparable.

For Clients/Company

  1. Article of Incorporation for the Holding company if under a corporation.
  2. Ownership Structure of the Company (Officers / Directors / Shareholders).
  3. Profile of the Builder / Resume / List of Recent Projects with their values.
  4. Last 3 years Financial Statements of the Company.
  5. Last 2 years Notice of Assessment (NOA) and T1 General for each partner.
  6. Copy of Credit Bureau and 2 pieces of IDs for each partner.
  7. List of other properties if any held in affiliated entities.
  8. Personal Net Worth for each partner (attached).


GlobalFund Limited is ready, willing and capable to arrange financing for our movies. Our financial partners have great experience in these types of transactions and an understanding of the requirements in preparing for large bridge funds of this nature. Our company requires the following documents for the process of Due Diligence and to present your full package to our financial partner:

  • Executive Summary & Screenplay/Script
  • Name of Director, Producer and Cast List
  • Film Financial Projections & Market Research


We believe in building a relationship with each person or company getting into a new world and for this reason we always welcome to finding new honest partners for a long time. So, we hereby declare that we are ready to cooperate in the field of trade of crude oil and petroleum products with titleholder, oil companies and energy ministries.


Monetization of financial instruments is complex and requires a great deal of experience and skill. In general, between state regulatory processes, compliance with stringent conditions: IMF, Central banks, Money Laundering, Compliance, Basel 3 requirements and more. Contracted to carry out the transfer of financial instrument is made only through electronic systems for the secure banking system (Swift). Any attempt to contract different way, will then be invalid and flagged as “red lights”. In addition, the law requires to report to the proper authorities. Legitimate targets of monetizing financial instruments can be used to establish the following examples:

  • A variety of Projects.
  • Commodities Trading
  • Financial Instrument Trading.
  • Performance adequacy ratio for Private Equity and Hedge Funds.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions.

Submission of an application to monetize instruments requires the following:

  1. Letter of Intent
  2. CIS/KYC on Clients and Corporation.
  3. Corporate Board Resolution.
  4. An Executive Summary of the Project.
  5. The Face Value of the Instrument.
  6. A full copy of the financial instrument including serial numbers (ISIN) and (CUSIP)
  7. A high resolution copies of passport(s) in color.
  8. All documents required for due diligence.

In case of forged documents or attempted fraud, our company is obligated by law to notify the authorities, which could result in a criminal investigation as well as entry into the company’s blacklist.

The types of financial instruments our company can Monetize are as follows:

  • BG – Bank Guarantee.
  • SBLC – Stand-by Letter of Credit.
  • Block Fund.
  • MTN – Medium Terms Notes.
  • Bank Draft.
  • CD – Certificate of Deposit.
  • Insurance Bonds.
  • Commerce Guarantees.
  • Government Guarantees.
  • Sovereign Guarantee.
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Additionally, there are further possible agreements to monetize such as Promissory Note, BOT, PPP.


GlobalFund Limited, can provide trade finance consultancy to importers, exporters and trading companies around the world who are looking to expand their business by leveraging their existing cash flow to its maximum. Currently we offer a wide range of products:

  • Letters of Credit at Sight
  • Issuance of Letters of Credit
  • Standby letters of Credit
  • Bank Guarantees
  • Demand Guarantees
  • POF messages
  • Pre Advice Message
  • Comfort Letters
  • Ready Willing and Able (RWA) messages

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